The Secrets To Flying With A Child With Autism - Part 2

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During the Flight

The Secrets To Flying With A Child With Autism - Part 1

Air travel can be difficult, but a family trip during the holiday season, especially with a child with autism can be an immensely stressful experience. There are ways to make the trip easier, but they requires planning and ingenuity.

In part one of this two part post, we will look at things you can do before the flight to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Before the flight

Could An MRI Screen For Autism?

774 - Neuron Connection - Pattern

What if you could detect punishment porn with a simple Punish Tube? For some punish teens, the webcam live might seem like a dream come true and while scientists are see progress in the potential of this method, others in the autism community stress caution.

Seven Truths Most People Don’t Know

Because I work in the field of live sex cam, I often get questioned by strangers which reveal that the current knowledge about sex cams is not widely understood by the general public. With statistics and myths all over the place, sometimes it is tough to separate the truth about sex cams from fiction. Here is what we know:

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How To Help Your Child Transition Well

Transitions are part of everyday life, but they can be difficult for a student with Autism because of their preference of predictability. Yet, with the right supports and modifications in place, a student can easily make a meltdown-free transition. Here are a few strategies you can try. You may find that some work better than others but test them out, and use the ones that work for your child.

1) Use a visual schedule

5 Tips for Seamless Trick Or Treating

Halloween is coming up, and for kids with Autism, the strange ritual of walking door to door asking for candy can be stressful. As with any unfamiliar situation with lots of hidden rules, you can help make this day easier for your child with Autism and prevent meltdowns by doing a little preparation ahead of time to make sure your little one is ready to go.

How Do You Know If Your Child's Autism Therapy Is Working?

There is an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.” While this might work for some things, it isn’t a wise plan when it comes to therapy for a child with Autism.

10 Autism Myths

Nearly everyone knows someone who has been touched by Autism. Despite its prevalence, Autism is still misunderstood. Perhaps the myth and mystery come from the fact that its etiology remains unknown. Here are ten common myths of Autism:

1. A special diet will get your child to talk.

Five Easy Strategies For Easing Back To School Transitions

Back to school can be stressful time for parents and students. But for parents of children with autism, the time carries even more weight. Who is the teacher? Will they ‘get’ my child? How much can they be included with their typical peers? These and a host of other questions face parents of students with autism. Here are five easy strategies that can help ease some of the growing pains when going back to school.

1. Visit the classroom/school before school starts.

Welcome to the Autism DVDs Blog

Welcome to the Autism DVDs Blog. As a parent, you want the best for your child. We understand. Our lives have been enriched because of the people we know who have autism, so we created this blog as a resource for you, since you know your child the best and have the greatest influence on him/her.

We want you to find the autism resources and tips we post to be helpful to your family so feel free to sign in, comment, ask questions and interact. This blog is for you.